About Andrew

Hello! Thanks for dropping in. I thought I would use this space to tell you a little bit about myself.

I have been taking photographs for many years now. Growing up I was always the one carting the camera around on family vacations, snapping away. My Dad has an old Canon AE-1 which is what I used on our various trips.

I became more serious about photography in High School and started to learn more about the technical aspects of the art of photography. The spark that started me on the path of wedding photography is when I shot backup at a wedding for a friend of mine. Taking photographs at a wedding is an amazing experience - especially for your first time. Time zooms by, a million things happen at once - and it's up to you to capture them. It's quite a rush and a lot of fun. Being able to capture the memories of someone's special day and preserve the emotions and events forever is very rewarding. The best thanks one can receive when presenting a finished photo or album is a face lit up by a smile, the sparkle of an eye, or an excited voice.

Another area of photography which I am very passionate about is landscape photography. Landscape photography is such a wide variety of different styles and there is an infinite amount of content and compositions.

I enjoy getting out into nature and exploring and finding new things to photograph. From flowers to fields to meadows to mountains, there is an endless number of things to see and document. The great thing about landscape photography is that simple changes in weather and light can make even some of the most ordinary scenes spring to life. Sights you are familiar with can change to something completely different and then back again in a matter of minutes. Capturing a truly unique moment in time can bring a sense of accomplishment like no other.

Below you can see some of my landscape photos that I have taken over the years:


Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, I provide a variety of photography services, including weddings and portraits. More information about the services I offer can be found by following the services link at the top of the page. If something isn't listed there - just give me a call and ask about it. I will be able to let you know if it's something I can do.

To get in touch with me, follow the contact link up top for contact information. Please feel free to call me or drop me an e-mail.
Thanks for stopping by my website and please call me if you have any questions!

- Andrew Stiff

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